Time Tracking

How Our Clients Save $18,000 a Year

Time is Money

Clean Smarts is designed to help cleaning companies have better margins and lower labor costs. One of the ways Clean Smarts does this is by keeping your employees accountable to the amount of hours they work, while reducing the management costs it takes to get that high quality management.

In the end, you are relaxed because you have happy customers that receive a high quality service.

Flexible Check in

Clean Smarts is uniquely flexible and allows employees to check in with the Clean Smarts  app, group check-in, land line (toll-free), text, or barcode scanning.

Barcode Scanning

You have the power to effectively track where employees are using their work hours and protect your company from false accusations about the quality of your service.

In Clean Smarts, you can require cleaners to clock in and out of service locations by scanning a bar code that is placed on site. This is a setting that you can enable on a location-by-location basis.

If employees forget to do a specific task, such as emptying the trash in a specific room, barcodes can also ensure a quality job is done every time by requiring a scan for that task.

Location Smart (GPS)

Clean Smarts can automatically check in your employees when they walk into a location, then check them out once they leave! Even if a cleaner does a manual check-in it’s  backed by GPS satellites and cell towers to maintain the integrity of the timesheet and the accountability of employees. If someone checks into a location they are not at, the appropriate people will be notified.

Payroll Ready

All timesheet information is recorded in the web portal. The timesheet tools help you easily review it and approve of the hours. The timesheet can be easily exported to several formats and integrate with with programs including QuickBooks Desktop for processing in QuickBooks Payroll, Paycom, Microsoft Excel, and other services using a PDF.