Software for growing cleaning businesses

We help cleaning teams organize work, schedule staff, and communicate with clients — all in one place.

You can't improve what you aren't measuring.

Track labor, task completion, supplies, and quality across all your accounts.

Time Tracking

Only pay for time worked. Employees can clock in by app, landline phone, text, or barcode scan. The app uses device GPS location for employee accountability.

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Flexible Scheduling

With seven different scheduling views, you can easily reschedule or reassign shifts.

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Send messages and pictures in real time to your teams and to customers. Get notified when there's a response.

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Cleaners can see the latest evaluations next to their task list. Share results with customers and measure improvement over time.

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Health Surveys

Clean Smarts will send out surveys to your workforce before each shift. Know if someone is sick before the shift starts.

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Issue Tracking

Customers or managers can report issues with photos and get notified when issues are resolved.

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Supply Management

Track supply usage and set re-order levels for all your service locations. Route orders for certain supplies to the correct person, internally or to a customer.

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