Simple and Straightforward

$99 per month

(includes 10 users)

+ $5 per additional user per month

More than 100 users?
Contact us for a quote: +1 (866) 539-7446

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, you can use your own, fully-featured account for free for 14 days.

Will I be locked into a contract?

Nope! You pay month to month. No long term contracts. Earning your business every month means we stay focused on keeping you happy!

What's the definition of a user?

A user is any non-customer user such as a manager, inspector, or cleaner. In other words, customer accounts are free!

What if I add a user halfway through the month?

We prorate your bill every time you add or remove a user.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer a 20% discount if you prepay for a year. We also can negotiate the price if you onboard 100 or more users.

Do you charge an additional amount for each feature?

Nope! All features are included for everyone.

Can I cancel at any time?

😱 It would surprise us, but yes, you can cancel at any time. Just give us one business day to process your request and to ask for your feedback.

How will I learn your system?

We'll show you! You'll get a live web training for free with your management team. You will have access to videos, PDF guides, articles in our knowledge base. You can reach our support team by email or phone during U.S. business hours (though we often set up evening calls for our friends in Oceania!). We can even fly out on-site if you are willing to pay the cost of travel.

Is it going to take a long time to put all of my account and employee information into Clean Smarts?

No. Our lead developer created a very slick spreadsheet template that can be used to upload nearly everything you need: accounts, users, schedules, supplies, checklists, etc. We will send you this file at your request and will review and upload it for you for free if you have fewer than 100 accounts. Automation! 👍

I really like a report or feature in my current app, and you don't have it. Will you build it for me?

Your feedback and input is the primary driver shaping our product. Nearly everything we've built was done upon request. We score all requested features using the RICE prioritization method, which means that a request that is of benefit to everyone will rise to the top of our list. It also means that we frequently adjust our product roadmap, which we share with our clients. For instance, we quickly built our health symptom survey in response to COVID-19 because of its large impact and reach. All of that said, our clients know that our pace of product development is fierce. We do not take our position in the industry for granted.

Is your system available in languages other than English and in countries other than the United States?

Yes! We are very proud to have clients in Canada, Central America, South America, Western and Eastern Europe and Oceania. The interface of both the web app and mobile app can be COMPLETELY translated into over 20 languages. Your account will be provisioned on the closest server to you; we have servers in the United States and Europe. Our knowledge base is currently only available in English, but we're working on adding new languages.