Time tracking

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Better margins and lower labor costs

Reduce the cost of high quality management while collecting more data for your business.


multiple ways to check in

Clean Smarts is uniquely flexible and allows employees to check in with the Clean Smarts app, group check-in, land line (toll-free), text, or barcode scanning.
shift view from the mobile app


barcode scanning

Effectively track where employees are using their work hours and protect your company from false accusations about the quality of your service. If employees forget to do a specific task, barcodes can also ensure a quality job is done every time by requiring a scan for that task.


location smart (gps)

Know that your employees are on site while on the clock. Clean Smarts can auto-clock out any cleaners who leave the site, eliminating potential time inaccuracies.

Rest assured that we respect your privacy—GPS information is only shared during active shifts.


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