Supply Management

Inventory Tracking & Supply Fulfillment

Removing Complexity

Clean Smarts integrates a supply management system into all processes of your company. It tracks supply levels at all service locations, order fulfillment, and even sends reminders to your customers if they are responsible for a specific supply item that is running low.

Smart Supply Levels

Cleaners can easily update the supply levels in the mobile app based on the amount left or what is needed.

Automatic Request Routing

Supply requests get routed to the right person depending on who supplies each product. No more sticky notes or reminders to notify the customer to order paper products.

Fulfilling Supply Requests

Clean Smarts has your whole supply master catalog, complete with pictures. Inventory levels can be updated in both the mobile app and web portal. When ordering supplies, you will know exactly what you need to order and when to prevent an excess or a lack of supplies.


Simplifying the supply management system with Clean Smarts means that you don’t have to worry about the complexity of calls, texts, and spreadsheets!