Designed For Commercial Use

Fully & Accurately Represented

Clean Smarts reduces the stress you feel from work because all aspects of your company’s service locations are accounted for. Clean Smarts is unique from other software because you are able to fully and accurately represent your customer’s locations.

Designed For You

Clean Smarts is designed for a wide variety of buildings, from single-tenant commercial properties to large facilities such as university campuses and hospitals. You can break down a location into as many layers and sub-locations as you want. One common scenario is to break down a facility by floor, by suite, and then by room.

Cleaners & Inspectors

Clean Smarts makes it simple to schedule your cleaners and inspectors with tools specifically design for it.

Powerful Calendar

Clean Smarts makes it easy to schedule and visualize the scheduling for your company by breaking everything down in three scheduling tools for monthly, weekly, or daily schedules.

Comprehensive Scheduling

Clean Smarts also helps you see your scheduling from a more company wide perspective with list view or breaking the schedules down by user.