Issue Tracking

Building Trust With Your Customers By Delivering a Reliable Service

Earning Trust From Your Customers

Resolve customer complaints quickly
Don’t need to be reminded about past problems
Have great communication with both the customer and internally

Identify Issues Before They Happen

Clean Smarts integrates the checklists cleaners use with the inspections to provide you with powerful cross referenced reporting. This helps you identify problems before they happen and trends that lead to inefficient work.

Internal Reporting

Problems can be reported by the cleaners on-site using the Clean Smarts app and by office employees using the web portal. Automated alerts are sent to the correct people if an issue comes up such as cleaners not showing up on time or an issue gets reported internally.

Customer Reporting

Clean Smarts takes care of your customers by providing a variety of simple resources for them. They can report issues using Clean Smarts on either the web or mobile app. You can show your customers what your team identified, reported, and took care of with before and after images.

Making Reliability Easy

When the cleaners check in, they see the list of open issues for that location with the exact place the issue is involved with, description, and images.

Resolving Issues On-Site

Cleaners can easily resolve issues and add their own notes and pictures. This is really useful with before and after images.

Everyone On The Same Page

The day cleaners will automatically communicate with the night cleaners using the issue tracking system.

The built in messaging boards for each service location provide great communication between all cleaners and managers.

Customers have a separate messaging board so your company can communicate with them effectively. Everyone is on the same page at all times.