Designed For Efficiency and Quality

Powerful Inspections

Clean Smarts turns the complexity of a cleaning company into simplicity using inspections and powerful reporting available in both the mobile app and web portal.

Fully Integrated

When inspectors complete an inspection, we show the inspector's feedback task-for-task to the cleaner when he or she clocks in and sees task list. This powerful cross referenced reporting helps you identify problems before they happen and trends that lead to inefficient work.

Automatic Issue Handling

Any problems that come up during an inspection can be automatically setup as an issue in Clean Smarts' powerful issue tracking system. This will ensure that all issues that come up are handled correctly by all those involved.

Relevant & Detailed

In Clean Smarts, the checklist of tasks cleaners use is the same checklist that inspectors use as they perform their inspections. This is what enables the powerful reporting. You can also capture information only relevant to inspections or have more detailed inspection items than what is provided to cleaners. This works the other way around for the cleaner’s checklists as well!

Performing Inspections

An inspector uses the mobile app to perform inspections while they mark each inspection item. Clean Smarts keeps track of all the due dates and how often each location needs to be inspected!

Increase Trust

Powerful cross referenced reporting, cleaners receiving feedback, and the detailed inspections help you build unbreakable trust with your customers.