Customer + Company

How your company can stand out

Integrated Messaging

Clean Smarts has an integrated real time messaging platform for both your entire company and customers. It's designed specifically for the cleaning industry's unique circumstances. Clean Smarts helps you demand attention and win bids because your company is coordinated and fulfills its responsibilities.

Message Boards

Clean Smarts has a real time messaging board for each service location that support both text and image messages.

Internal Communication

The day cleaners can communicate with the night cleaners. In the web portal, managers have a messaging page where they can communicate with anyone in the company and carry on several conversations at once.

Customer Communication

Your customers have a separate messaging board on the app and the web portal so your company and customers can communicate with effectively.


Managers will get alerts if their employees are not checking in or at the locations they should be at. All people involved with a customer complaint will get alerts about the issue and can track both open and closed issues.